Helping Individuals of All Ages and Backgrounds with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Lead Fulfilling Lives
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We take a person-centered approach to care. We learn what is important to each individual and their families. Then, we assist them in developing and implementing an individualized plan that meets their needs and goals for leading a fulfilling life. Some may only request help with connecting to resources such as applying for disability-related income or medical benefits. Others may need assistance in their home or when they are out in the community.

Whatever the need, we help individuals and families navigate the services and resources available at the federal, state, and local levels and then work alongside them to put those supports in place so they can lead fulfilling lives.

We Can Help You Find Support

Most individuals and their families are eligible to receive paid services. This is also true for children regardless of their parent’s level of income or financial resources.

For Children

These supports might include:

  • Relief care for family caregivers
  • Training to help you meet your child’s needs
  • Help with everyday activities like preparing meals, bathing, or feeding your child
  • Change to make your home more accessible for your child
  • Help with behavior challenges
  • Some technological supports

For Adults

These supports might include:

  • Support with everyday activities like bathing, dressing, shopping, making meals, and managing your money, and help with behavior and communication challenges
  • Support while out in the community and transportation for access
  • Support finding and keeping employment

Additionally, we provide access to residential services for those eligible, assistance in crisis situations and protective services.

Our Approach

For each individual and family, we provide love-filled encouragement and support - no matter your age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexuality. Our goal is to help each individual exercise their independence, seek personal growth and development, enjoy meaningful relationships, and lead fulfilling lives. We accomplish this by ensuring each day we:

Respect People: We respect people’s rights and choices and their rights to make choices. This includes the right to privacy and confidentiality. We honor the worth and dignity of all individuals. The people who have to live with the decision should make the decision. Our role is to offer support, information, counsel, and options.

Benefit Others: We act in ways to benefit others by doing good and preventing harm. We make efforts to ensure the well-being of others by working together to support healthy and happy individuals and communities. We will implement programs and services in such a way that access is welcoming and easy. If the system demands complexity, we will bear the burden of it and make processes as simple as possible for the people we support. We provide services in ways that benefit others, not in ways that are easier for us.

Be Compassionate and Understanding: We care about and try to understand the whole person through listening and acting with genuine concern. Supports are individualized. They are flexible, responsive, and sensitive to the unique needs of the individual, family, and culture.

Be Fair: We treat all people fairly with equal access and opportunities. It is not our role to judge. Our role is to give people every opportunity to succeed. We will comply with all applicable rules and interpret rules with a generous intent to facilitate meeting the needs of individuals covered by the rule. If we make a mistake, we will take responsibility for correcting the mistake. People should have equal access to equal services that provide equal rights and equal opportunities.

Be responsible: We are responsive to needs and address them in a responsible way. This includes being honest and trustworthy, communicating clearly and openly, and using resources and gifts wisely. We will always try to serve people at the appropriate level of support with the understanding that too much or too little support can fail to meet needs. We will work towards just the right amount to ensure health and safety and to enhance independence and choice. We will work with all of our partners with respect and seek to develop trust-based relationships. We will be honest and forthright in our communications and actions.

Who do we serve?

We serve individuals of all ages, abilities, gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. We provide support and continuity as needs change across all stages of a person’s life.

We look forward to helping you lead a fulfilling life.

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