Everyone has questions. Here are the most common questions.

How do I request services?

  • Call us at 541-426-4524 and our front office staff will get you started and answer any questions.
  • Then, you will receive a phone call from our access team to schedule your assessment. 
  • Once you have an appointment scheduled with us, we will reach out to you and help you complete any paperwork needed to receive services and explain all the paperwork we need you to complete. If you want to get a jump start on the paperwork, click here to get started.
  • At your first visit, you will sit down with our access team and they will ask you a series of questions to help us understand how we can best serve you in your journey to wellness. These questions will help us understand what you would like in receiving services with us and what you would like help with and which mental health professional best fits your needs for wellness and which location we can best serve you.
  • Your appointment with the access team may last up to 2 hours.
  • After this initial meeting, they will assign a mental health professional that best fits your needs. You will get scheduled with your assigned mental health professional before you leave this initial meeting. 

What happens when I come to my first appointment with my assigned mental health professional?

  • Normally during the first appointment with your assigned mental health professional, they will take time to get to know you and your goals for achieving wellness and learn more about what you would like help with and how you want help, and how they can support you in achieving your goals. Together you will come up with a plan that helps you reach your goal(s). You are welcome to bring family member(s) if that would be helpful to you. These appointments usually last 50-60 minutes.

What do I bring to my appointment with the access team?

  • Your current insurance information and copy of the insurance card (if available)
  • Income verification
  • Your health history
  • A list of current medications

What do I bring to my appointment with my assigned mental health professional?

  • Any support person(s) you would like involved in your care
  • For children: Bring your child (but only one child at a time), current guardianship forms, developmental screenings, Individualized Education Plan and Individualized Family Service Plan information, Head Start information

What if I don't like my assigned mental health professional?

If you do not feel like your assigned mental health professional is the best fit for you, we will work with you in finding someone that meets your needs. Please let our front desk staff know and they will work with our clinical team to find you a new mental health professional.

What do I talk about with my assigned mental health professional?

Whatever is on your mind or whatever you are struggling with. Your assigned mental health professional will also ask questions to help them learn what you want help with or what you want to improve in your life.

I am nervous to meet with my assigned mental health professional. Is this normal?

It is totally normal to be nervous. We would be surprised if you are not. You are meeting us for the first time, which can be pretty scary for some individuals to talk with someone they don't know. Our staff is well-trained to help you feel welcomed and comfortable.

I need to change my scheduled appointment. How do I change my appointment?

Life happens and sometimes you can not make your scheduled appointment. We would be more than happy to reschedule you. Please call us at (541) 426-4524 as soon as you know you need to change or within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment.

Note: we do not currently get appointment cancellations or requests through MyChart. Please call to cancel or reschedule at 541-426-4524.

What if I am sick?

We understand that you might get a cold or the flu and might wake up sick on the day of your appointment. If you are sick, do your part and stay home. Call us immediately at 541-426-4524 and please re-schedule your appointment or ask for a telehealth appointment. This helps keep staff and other patients well. 

What if I don't have insurance?

Most insurance covers counseling or mental health services but if you don’t have insurance we will work with you and figure out how you can still receive services that are affordable for you. We are also a Triwest provider for veterans. We offer a sliding fee. Please talk with our front office staff about financial assistance.

What payments do you accept?

We accept:

  • Oregon Health Program (OHP)
  • Triwest provider for veterans
  • Private Insurance (for individuals with Trustmark insurance,  click the following link for current rates)
  • Medicare
  • Credit/debit card payments are acceptable
  • Personal checks

We also offer a sliding fee scaleOther funding may be available to offset fees for services. No one will be denied clinical services because of an inability to pay. 

What if I work and can't come in between 8 am and 5 pm?

We offer extended hours (8 am to 7 pm) to accommodate your life and work schedule. Due to this, you might be seen at our other locations besides our main office at 606 Medical Parkway in Enterprise. We can schedule you after 5 pm during the work week. We also offer telehealth with your assigned mental health professional. This allows you to video chat with your assigned mental health professional either at our offices or from the comforts of your home. Our goal is to work with you in finding a time that works best.

Getting to Enterprise is a challenge for me. Do you have other locations in the valley?

We have multiple locations across Wallowa County and telehealth which allows you to video chat from the comforts of your home. We have office space in Enterprise and Wallowa. We are also able to meet clients out in the community throughout the valley. Our goal is to work with your life schedule so you can get an appointment when it is convenient for you. 

What if I need to see someone today but it is not a crisis?

We can accommodate walk-ins. We have mental health professionals available Monday - Friday during normal business hours to assist with any mental health walk-in situations. Not sure what to do please call us at 541-426-4524. You can also call the David Romprey Oregon Warmline at 1-800-698-2392. This is a peer-run program and is available 7 days a week from 9 am to 11 pm. After hours and need immediate help, please call our 24/7 crisis line at 541-398-1175.

Do you have any language assistance?

Yes. We provide language services, interpreters, or other assistive aids at no cost. Please let us know when you call 541-426-4524.

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