Our Standards for a Supportive, Love-filled Workplace

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Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness is wholly dedicated to maintaining a healthy, love-filled atmosphere for our colleagues and clients. This means not only setting standards to establish such a setting, it also means going to great lengths to uphold these standards. It also means providing tools and trainings for staff so they can uphold our standards and values.


When we don’t communicate well and in clear, direct language, care is compromised. All staff participate in and refresh in TeamSTEPPS, a training to optimize team performance across care delivery. TeamSTEPPS provides a structured process so information is clearly and accurately exchanged among team members. This communication structure is being used across departments and with community partners. Additionally, when team members are struggling to work together or to communicate with one another, we offer a TeamSTEPPS facilitator (consultant outside of the organization) that helps those team members with tools and steps to help them improve their communication.


No one role is more important than another. Here, we place great importance on a multidisciplinary team approach. This approach consists of integrating all caretakers and as a result of their expertise. The goal is to create a collaborative unit that works together to provide effective, client-centered care. Together we are better than one.

Shared Decision Making

Leadership and frontline staff share in all vital decisions regarding care and set out to establish one plan of care that all members work toward. We believe all staff bring expertise to the organization and help advance us in facilitating growth and wellness.

Meaningful Recognition

Quite simply, those who excel at their work are recognized for that work. We celebrate individual and team achievement through a variety of reward and recognition programs. Additionally, every December Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness provides a nice dinner for all staff and their significant others at Wallowa Lake Lodge to celebrate everyone’s hard work over the year.

Authentic Leadership

We believe that leaders should walk the walk, as well as talk the talk. Every single person is responsible for a healthy, safe, love-filled work environment – above all, our leaders.

Appropriate Staff

Appropriate staffing is essential to a safe work environment. We take simple, yet effective, steps to maintain this standard:

  1. We match the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our staff with their clients and workload.
  2. We provide the appropriate training and mentorship so staff can meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities of their clients and workload.
  3. We make certain our staff has a fair and reasonable workload.
  4. We help prioritize the workload.
  5. If necessary, leadership pitches in where help is needed.

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