Developmental Disabilities Services

Helping individuals who have a developmental disability live full lives

Developmental Disability Services assist individuals of all ages who have a developmental disability. Our team works with the individual and their family to help them meet their life goals. We assist individuals and their families to meet their life goals by helping them attend school, work, recreate, and enjoy life. Care is often coordinated between providers, families, and individuals.

Staff work to address their health and safety needs while supporting life choices and the pursuit of long term goals. This includes:

  • assisting with access to resources such as social security benefits,
  • low income housing,
  • medical transportation;
  • developing in-home service plans for those who choose to live in their own or family home;
  • and securing foster or residential home placements for those seeking a higher level of care.
  • In-home plans often include support from paid workers who provide attendant care (personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, etc.), skills training, respite care, community transportation, and behavior support.
  • Individuals with employment goals may be eligible for Career Exploration, job coaching and a variety of other employment-related supports.

We also offer:

  • Case Management
  • Family Support
  • Advocacy
  • Program Planning
  • Protective Services
  • Resource Development

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